Getting Started

The Biologic Resources Laboratory (BRL) is a self-supporting research service. Investigators are billed to recover costs associated with animal maintenance, use of services, and provision of labor for research support. Billing questions may be directed to Ike Iqbal.

Our current and projected fee schedules can be found on the Rates and Services page.

Billing Statements

Investigators recieve an electronic billing statement monthly for services provided. The electronic voucher contains a detailed breakdown of each transaction that occurred during the month under the following categories: Sales, Service, Miscellaneous Sales, and Animal Per Diem.

The Animal Per Diem section contains the beginning and ending inventory numbers for the month based on a physical count of the animals. The number of animals added, transferred, or sacrificed with the date of transaction are itemized. The beginning inventory number and the “Adds” and “Subtracts” are used to determine the daily census, which is used to calculate the total animal/cage days. Total animal/cage days times the per diem results in the calculated monthly charge for each species. Prior to finalizing the per diem charges for each account, the physical ending count is compared to the calculated figure and any discrepancies corrected. Since the most common mistake is the failure of research staff to submit “Subtract” cards, this step prevents charges for nonexistent animals.