Getting Started

UIC policy requires that laboratory research animals be procured through the BRL. Species type and quantity of animals approved in the animal use protocol may be ordered. If different species or a greater quantity of animals than approved in the protocol is required, a letter of modification justifying the change must be reviewed and approved by the Animal Care Committee prior to the placement of the order. The choice of vendor and the animal specifications are the responsibility of the principal investigator. For questions regarding specific animal models or information on animal suppliers, please contact a member of the veterinary staff. The veterinary staff receives comprehensive health status reports from the vendors, which are used to monitor the quality of animals from each supplier. If the health status is unknown or unsatisfactory, the animals will be quarantined and tested before being admitted to the general animal population. All quarantine costs for the animals are the responsibility of the investigator. There is a mandatory quarantine period for all dogs, pigs, and nonhuman primates. The following is required to submit an online order request for research animals:

  • Active BRL account
  • Approved protocol (ACC) number
  • ACC approval for the species and quantity requested

Animal orders are requested online by the researcher. Orders are assigned a BRL reference number and the request is sent to the vendor. Once confirmed, the BRL office confirms the order with a status notification to the PI with an estimated date of delivery or offer based on request availability. Please note the administrative fee for each order. The PI is billed monthly  for the cost of animals and/or all related charges once the invoice(s) have been paid by BRL. Animal charges are billed at actual vendor animal invoice cost (no additional costs incurred). Charges are reflected as a line item for each order on the monthly BRL billing statement. Orders for rodents, rabbits, amphibians, and reptiles are placed online via our animal ordering system. To request orders for pigs, dogs, and fish, please contact the business office between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Monday - Friday. Contact Dr. Lisa Halliday to place orders for nonhuman primates. For questions regarding all animal orders, please contact the business office during normal business hours.

Receiving Animals

Animals are approved to be delivered to the following facilities:

  • BRL, 1840 W. Taylor St.
  • MBRB, 900 S. Ashland Ave.
  • SES, 845 W. Taylor St.
  • BSB, 1007 W. Harrison St.

Request for Pick Up Upon Arrival

If animals are to be used immediately upon arrival, the investigator should indicate that animals are to be picked at the time of delivery. Please note there is a minimal service fee to receive animals, as this cost is normally included in the per diem rate. Investigators receive an animal arrival notification for each order. Should an issue arise with the condition of the requested animals, the BRL business office will work with the supplier to resolve the situation. An examination of the shipping crate and animals is performed by BRL staff. Any abnormalities such as damaged crates, diseased animals, or other unsatisfactory conditions are reported to the supplier and to the investigator. For more information on your animal order, please contact our receiving dock.