Getting Started

Before obtaining animals or services, an approved animal use protocol and a valid BRL account are required.

To request a NEW BRL account, the following items are required to submit your online request:

  • An approved animal use protocol (ACC) number
  • A billable Banner C-FOAP account number
  • Business manager contact details

Once the BRL account is established, the investigator will receive a confirmation with the account details.

Monthly billing charges are posted directly to the fund ledger provided by the investigator at the time of account creation.

To update a CFOAPAL or other lab personnel for your existing account, please send your request in writing to:

In your request, please include the BRL account number and grant code and/or expiration date if applicable.


Adding New Protocols and/or Renewed protocols to your existing BRL account

  • More than one ACC number can be associated with an account if the funding source is the same.
  • Newly approved protocols and protocol renewals are not automatically assigned a BRL account number. You have the option to use an existing account number or create a new BRL account for your newly approved protocol.  A new account should be requested if using a different funding source. If funding information is the same, the protocol can be added to your existing account.
  • To add a protocol to your existing BRL account, please send your request including BRL account number and protocol number(s) with the subject line “Add protocol to existing account” to the email address above.

For questions or more information regarding BRL accounts, please contact the BRL business office at:

(312) 996- 7040.